America's Report Card says...

America's report card says we came in 36th place with a score of 57%!  Not first, not second, not third, or even fourth, but 36th!  What would you say if your child came home with that report card?  I'm sure you would have a lot to say and want immediate change.  Well, change is what we need.  Isn't it time to go back to the methods that made America education great?  Over 50,000,000 students are stuck in our present secular educational system and need an opportunity to experience a faith based education.  You see a faith based education is what America education used to be.  School was held in the church, the preachers were their teachers, and the Bible was the center of the curriculum.   We can thank John Dewey and Horace Mann, the signers of the Humanistic Manifesto, for today's report card.  They were the ones who sold America on the idea that students needed to experience the freedom of education without religious boundaries and in turn created this secular system.  Each year millions of dollars are invested in this failing system.  It is time to quite experimenting on our students and go back to the Christian values that made this nation great.   I share this with you so you can help make the difference right here and now.  There are children in our valley who would love to go to Faith Christian School but cannot afford it but you can help make the difference with your generous donation to the Faith Scholarship Fund.  You might even consider sponsoring a student for the entire year.  It only costs $20 a day to make this difference.  Every day the secular system is spending twice that much to get this failing American report card.   Be assured that every penny donated will be used to help deserving student get the quality faith based education they so desperately need.  Be a part of the solution by making a check out to Faith Bible Church, earmarked "Faith Scholarship Fund," and mail it to 44746 Challenger Way, Lancaster, CA 93535 and we will be happy to give you a tax deductible receipt for you donation.  Together, let's help change America's report card!

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